LAN / WAN Integration


MD2 Networks offers the most effective solutions with well-organized computer network services in the most cost effective manner. Concentrating on a complete life cycle management approach, MD2 provides you with the best solutions for computer network designs, computer hardware and softwares, computer and equipment repair and maintenance, optimal usage of bandwidth, and computer network monitoring and management. MD2 takes care of your computer network performance giving complete information to all its clients and users 24X7.

It is a very common design to have a number of remote offices being tied up to a central office for server and application support. Providing computer network designers the flexibility remains one of the primary goals in computer networking. MD2 provides LAN/WAN integration services that provide you with this flexibility of meeting the designers’ goals.

We provide successful both physical and logical integration services focusing on the computer network objectives. MD2 Physical integration service involves bringing in the LAN and WAN switching operations into a single computer hardware and computer software platform. This increases the LAN–WAN interface bandwidth favoring higher speed and reducing congestion. Integrating LAN and WAN allows the usage of fewer computer networking devices thus increasing the reliability and reducing the errors by proper synchronization of the information and component compatibility. Integrating the LAN–WAN network increases the scalability by having the appropriate integrated device capacity meeting the computer network requirements. Physical integration reduces the effort involved in computer network management while bringing in more components together and having only a fewer components to monitor. MD2 logical integration service tries to resolve the contradiction that exist, i.e. connection Vs connection-less approach.

MD2 contributes to your success by focusing on your productivity and cost of ownership. Optimal utilization of the LAN-WAN and contribution to your business and provide a complete environment is what we are working for. We provide various computer networking installation services, computer Network design and installation service, computer Network consultation service, Effective LAN/WAN integration service, and computer network management and upgradation service to you.



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