Network Reengineering



Reconstructing the existing design and introducing alterations in the system allows us to accommodate changes. The reengineering concept focuses on how the organization can be modified to have the optimal utilization of the data and have an increased productivity. MD2 develops computer networks and reengineered architectures that are reliable and effective to have the maximum utilization of the resources. From the computer hardware, computer software, their capacities, configurations, etc can be reengineered to gain maximal productivity.

We evaluate your work environment focusing on the regarding existing and upcoming trends and the needs. With the result, MD2 plans its work to have an effective computer network that is compatible with the new technologies and also work on the existing technologies. MD2 plans ahead and tries to redesign your computer network to contribute to your success by increasing your productivity and simplifying your computer network management.

A complete planning, analysis, designing and implementation is what reengineering is all about. We ensure that your computer network is completely utilized and is simple to manage. Our teams of engineers quickly and efficiently address any problem.

Our reengineering services helps clients to develop new enterprises, have an efficient bandwidth in the existing computer networks, increase the capacities to use new technologies, enhance the communication in the organization, enhance security and reduce the maintenance cost.

Our Reengineering services include

  • Computer Network topology and Routing Services
  • Policy Reengineering
  • Load Balancing services
  • Link redundancy





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