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Wireless network solutions

The wireless industry is expected to grow even more as technology evolves. Wireless services combined with the increase use of laptops computers bring mobility to a new level. MD2 Networks can supply the hardware necessary to create an impenetrable network infrastructure to keep your network untouchable by outside users. Read More

Local and wide area network integration

MD2 Networks can assist your company by connecting several local area networks through wide area networks. This allows your company that may have different office locations to combine resources and data without having to be centralized. If you have a location that has different floors, a wide area network integration would allow you to have access to the same information company-wide as well.
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Software and hardware integration

With MD2 Networks software and hardware integration, we can install harsdware and software applications catered to your company needs. We can make the hardware compatible with each specific business environment. Read More

Network Reengineering

The advantage of having an IT Consultant is that they can identify the needs each business may have based on their current situation. For example, if your network needs additional servers or needs new servers to run more efficiently, MD2 Networks can identify the best possible outcome for your businesses future growth. Read More

Infrastructure Design

If you have a new company, or simply understand the need for your company to become efficient in the hardware you use to manage information within your network, MD2 Networks has the ability to create an infrastructure that can cater to your individual needs, and keep your budget in mind.

Complete Desktop Support Hardware and office application support

It is very common for employees of a Company to be limited in their IT capabilities. MD2 Networks provides complete desktop support, network and computer troubleshooting, as well as hardware and office application support to insure an efficient production of your Company's product. Having an IT Consultant to guide your employees through the process of developing a relationship with their computers can manage the future workflow of your organization. Software applications can be lengthy and can require additional training to existing employees. This lengthy process can take your employees away from the duties that they perform best, which in the long run can cost your company money.

MD2 Networks has the ability to act is if we are located in the center of your office. With remote monitoring and administration, troubleshooting can be accomplished from our offices. We will constantly monitor and maintain your infrastructure to assure its functionality.

Terminal services, virtual private networks (VPN) solutions

VPN's make it so that you can have the access to the information stored at your office location to another designated location of your choice. If you have employees that can work from home, or if you have a small business and would like to monitor the production of your office location, a VPN will allow you to act as if you were at your office.

Network security solutions Virus and anti-spam solutions

With today's internet being inundated with spam and virus software, having a network security solution to block these unwanted viruses is essential to operating a successful business. MD2 Networks can install firewalls that can keep even the most talented hackers out of your network. A quick solution to protect the internet surfing your employees may be doing in research is to install virus and anti-spam solutions.

Disaster recovery Data backup solutions

RAID Server

MD2 Networks can use technology such as RAID (Redundant area of independent disks) to provide data redundancy in the event of a hard drive failure. We can also create back-up servers for server redundancy in the case of a server failure. These back-up servers can be set up on-site as well as off-site. This will insure a data backup solution that can manage your infrastructure.

Complete technical support agreements

MD2 Networks can also provide contract-based services that are built around your specific needs. This type of agreement can guarantee a defined amount of network administration hours per month.


Our technicians are trained in a wide variety of phone systems and can provide programming services to handle moves, adds and changes. We can also train your staff to make the best use of your existing system.




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